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Inspiration Realized


  • Market research and analysis. Factor500 can perform patent searches, competitive analysis, and give advice on market positioning. 

  • Hardware design services. Factor500 can build hardware to your specifications.

  • Software design and development. Factor500 can analyze requirements, write specifications and develop software to meet specifications. 

  • Manufacturing support. Factor500 can create testing mechanisms for new or existing products.

  • Technical Support. Factor500 maintains technical support staff in both Eastern and Pacific time zones, and can provide any level of technical support from end-users to system integrators.

  • Customer Service. Factor500 can provide order processing and fulfillment.


  • System-level architecture and design

  • Embedded systems development

  • Client-Server development

  • Cross-platform development

  • Custom network protocols and security

  • Manufacturing test

  • Genetic algorithms and other non-deterministic optimization techniques for materials usage, scheduling, and warehousing

  • Microsoft Windows development

  • Linux applications and drivers

  • Unix integration and administration

  • Workflow Development and Automation

  • Numeric Analysis

  • Multiple languages including C/C++, C#, Python, Perl, Java, etc.

  • Statistical Analysis of multivariate problems using nonlinear and linear regression.

  • Continuous Integration

  • Security focused software and IT infrastructure 

  • Interactive Web Applications including embedded applications

Factor500 builds great products. For over twenty years, project after project, I have relied upon the talent of the people in Factor500. Their technical expertise, work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication are extraordinary.

Perry Kohne - President Wycom Systems

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