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Industrial Packaging Technology

Enhanced Engineering

It's what you need. It's what we promise to deliver.

We are a leading team of industrial packaging technology engineers and service experts who, together with over 25 years of combined world-class experience in numerous manufacturing sectors, bring a unique philosophy of relationship-based consulting services to the industry. Armed with in-depth knowledge and frontline proficiency, our enhanced capabilities include initial setup and configuration to technical development and enhancements, as well as operational analysis and production support.

We develop transformative engineering solutions based on a distinct combination of unsurpassed expertise, innovation, agility, and efficiency. Our solutions are always designed to provide maximum operational efficiency and systemic stability. Our goal is to understand your business needs, short and long term goals, and build a foundation of trust that will develop into a rock solid relationship so you feel confident and trust that you have the best quality support through every phase of a project. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to customer challenges in real-time and provide customized, versatile, performance-driven solutions that will increase your uptime, efficiency, and productivity. You can count on us to deliver solutions and results as we strive to become and remain your premiere provider of engineering and software development services for automated industrial packaging systems and applications. Our team understands the importance of sustainable performance, flexibility, and ease of changeover. Production and business needs can change at a moment’s notice so you need reliable solutions that will surpass your present and future performance requirements.


Your industry is held to a high standard and automated industrial packaging software is complicated. Our team has decades of combined expertise designing, implementing and supporting production lines across every major industry vertical.


Take advantage of our proven ability to seamlessly develop and supply complete systems from the initial concept stage of a project to installation and training programs.



We take the ‘p’ in production and make it personal by keeping our eye on your bottom line because we are big enough to take on your largest projects but small enough to provide focused attention. 


You can trust your team will be provided with premium customer care, post sales support, training, equipment updates and modifications.

Explore our site to learn more about how Factor500 Inc. can help enhance your company’s production process efficiency and get the most out of your investment. Submit a contact request to receive a free, no-obligation needs assessment from our engineers and experts or to discuss scheduling a Lunch & Learn session for your team. 


We cultivate long-term relationships. From concept to reality, we listen and guide, we design and redesign before we implement, we commission and then validate. 

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