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Factor500 began in California in 1991 as RCC. Factor500 saw a need for highly specialized turn-key development, and focused initially on stand-alone hard real-time products and custom applications. The company expanded to encompass complete end-to-end system architecture and turn-key products. Today, Factor500 has deep experience in distribution automation, industrial automation, infrastructure automation, real-time embedded systems, Linux applications, Windows applications, driver development, document archiving, client-server applications, hardware appliances, and full life-cycle development.


Factor500 moved to Raleigh NC and incorporated in North Carolina in 2002. The corporate headquarters is conveniently located near Research Triangle Park and five minutes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport. To provide a presence in both Eastern and Pacific time zones, Factor500 established a second facility in McMinnville, OR, and this facility provides light manufacturing, RMA management, order fulfillment, customer service, and technical support.


Factor500 believes in creating value for our customers with the singular focus to always deliver. "We ship product" is our internal overreaching mantra, which means executing on our objectives, delivering, and creating value. Within our turn-key engineering division, "inspiration realized" means moving ideas from concept to reality, and within our industrial packaging technology division, "enhanced engineering" means providing the high level of engineering key to successful project implementations.

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