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Our Enhanced Engineering mindset is incorporated into every aspect of the wide array of customized services, innovations, and solutions that we provide to our clients.

We understand that each application has a unique purpose and that no two solutions are ever alike, therefore we listen and examine your specific needs prior to development and execution. Ultimately, this provides you with robust, sustainable, and effective results. Your business may need one or more of the expert services we provide. We can work with you to assess and develop a customized support program that can be flexible depending on the evolution of your different projects and production lines:


Mechanical, electrical, and software maintenance programs that are executed several times over the course of a year. The intervals are dependent on the type of equipment that will be serviced. This is a preventive-type contract that maintains the operational efficiency and runtime of your system. It aids in identifying the possibility of a failure and taking the necessary corrective action to ensure your system remains effectively operational during key periods of production.

Mechanical, electrical and software service calls are offered to examine and address issues that have been detected with your equipment during runtime that require attention. This can include operational enhancement, production speed alterations, and temperature optimization, to name a few. Service calls can also be scheduled to assist your maintenance personnel with the installation and configuration of new parts and components or the implementation of new production recipes and formats.

Efficiency Audit services are geared at monitoring production KPIs, recording and analyzing vital data, and providing you with key information to highlight areas of the process that require immediate attention and action. These audits can be executed either on a single machine or your entire packaging line.

Operator and maintenance personnel training services. This can be provided on-site and can be conducted both in a meeting room environment as well as the production floor. We offer these packages following a line installation, new format implementation, controls upgrade, or in the event that a site experiences high turnover, where refresher training is beneficial.


Mechanical, electrical, and software emergency deployment that is required to examine and repair a system that has failed at a critical point in the production schedule. Although unpredictable, we will assign the appropriate resource to initially assist via telephone / video conferencing within minimal delay. If required, resources can be dispatched to your location to assist.

Remote connectivity and servicing is also possible provided that the appropriate equipment and configuration is installed on your machine. During an emergency failure or condition, an electrical or software engineer can remotely connect to your system to troubleshoot and often temporarily remedy the situation. This reduces travel expenses and cuts down on production line downtime.


Efficiency enhancement is the product of the efficiency audit where, following the identification of critical processes in the production flow, a specific solution or program needs to be developed and implemented. Ultimately, an increase in efficiency is attained. The solution can be comprised of mechanical, electrical and software upgrades on one or more machines of the packaging line.

Product development and customized solutions are offered in the form of hardware and software packages. We examine each aspect of your packaging line and engineer the right solution for your needs. An example of this would be the design, implementation, and interfacing of a sophisticated inspection system to enhance the quality output of your production process, therefore significantly reducing rejected product and re-work.

Software engineering to enhance the capabilities of an existing system is offered in modular form that can be incorporated into any machine comprised of legacy or modern controls platforms. These solutions can be offered as stand-alone units or can be embedded into the existing platform.


Conditional Monitoring is at the forefront of the solutions we offer as it uses sophisticated data collection, algorithms, and analytics to effectively predict a component or system failure therefore providing you with adequate time to intervene and prevent a costly catastrophic failure. Systems can be set up to operate remotely, where data is collected and sent to our servers, real-time, for processing, or they can be set up locally and have the data packet pushed to our servers “on-demand” or on a scheduled basis. These are fully customized solutions, designed and implemented to meet your specific requirements and objectives.  

OEE Remote & Local Monitoring solutions are offered on many types of legacy and modern equipment. As with Conditional Monitoring, this solution can be implemented where all data collection and processing can be done either on-site or remotely. In cases where our end-users already have an OEE system in place, we offer interfacing options and services to ensure that all components, of the production line get “connected”. 

Equipment Relocation, Installation, Commissioning, and Interfacing is a service we offer with project and site management. Whether your equipment is moving from one manufacturing zone of your factory to another, or if your entire factory is relocating anywhere in the world, our highly-skilled and knowledgeable mechanical, electrical, software engineering and project management teams will ensure that the transition is executed properly from decommissioning to full production capability.

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